What we do

SSA Associates specialize in providing Advisory Services in various businesses’ domains enabling clients to explore new market segments by mitigating the financial risk; aiming to enhance the profitability and accomplish organizational goals.

‘SSA ensures that your investments work as hard as you do.’

The process of Debt Syndication requires a strong knowledge base combined with excellent and long-lasting relationships with banks and other financial institutions, along with the efficient analytical ability to bring to the clients the best deal in the latest time.

SSA is one of the leading companies that offer debt syndication services to entrepreneurs, corporates and investors. Having strong connections with the banks across the globe, both in the Public and Private sector, renowned Financial Institutions and NBFCs, enable the firm to provide timely and customized solutions to the clients. SSA advises its clients on the optimal capital structure, depending on the company’s cash flows, industry-specific issues and nature of assets.

Having developed special techniques, the SSA Associates have been playing a significant role as an arranger for debt syndication, providing the best deals to its clients within the legitimate time frame. Debt Syndication services provided by SSA cover both fund-based and non-fund based aspects including:

⦁ Term Loans
⦁ Working Capital Loans
⦁ Non-fund Based Limits
⦁ Corporate Loans
⦁ Securitization of Services
⦁ Unsecured Loans
⦁ External Commercial Borrowings (ECBs)
⦁ Debt Restructuring
⦁ Factoring of all forms
⦁ Project Financing (including Project Feasibility and Project Report preparation)


Private Equity Funds are focused on the long-term potential of the portfolio of companies they acquire. It requires a team of investment professionals to raise and manage the funds, where it is utilised for raising new capital, future acquisitions, funding start-ups or new technology, investing in other private companies or making the existing funds stronger.

SSA Associates have a global investor network which is rapidly growing each day; thus, enabling emerging businesses to choose from a wide range of options available in the market and access large amounts for seeding funding via private equity.

On the equity front, SSA, with its financial competency and commercial acumen, provides expert advice to the clients through due diligence and exceptional valuation and research skills. Since private equity funds represent an excellent opportunity for a high rate of return, services of SSA under equity financing include:

⦁ Private Equity
⦁ IPO Planning
⦁ QIPs
⦁ Private Equity
⦁ Private Placement
⦁ Pre-IPO Placement
⦁ Business Valuations
⦁ Venture Capital
⦁ Angel Funding


Management Consulting is one of the most important management practices that bring rapid development of new frameworks, tools, and techniques improving the business operations in many companies. The experience and expertise of SSA Associates provide services that cover a wide spectrum to solve concrete financial problems encountered by the organizations.

SSA searches and identifies suitable investment opportunities and acquisition targets for clients through its network of contacts in investment banks and databases. It prepares investment appraisals and company valuation reports, including financial analysis and due diligence investigations; ensuring that they meet the client’s investment criteria along with the financial and risk profiles.

SSA offers domestic and international companies with individually-tailored M & A advice and assists them in maximizing growth and improving business performance. The services in this domain comprise of:

⦁ Financial Analysis and Planning
⦁ Thorough Evaluation of Strategic Alternatives
⦁ Preparation of Detailed Confidential Offering Materials
⦁ Development of Key-Value Drivers of the Transactions
⦁ Identification of Potential Buyers and Sellers, both Domestic and International
⦁ Value Maximization such that Minimum Dilution is Experienced by Existing Shareholders
⦁ Making a Result-Oriented Approach to Benefit the Clients


SSA is comprised of experts from various fields viz. Sugar Mills, Turbines, Boilers, Boiling House Equipments, Co-Generation, Synchronization, Rehabilitation and Refurbishment Projects with an experience of more than four decades.

We are a professionally managed engineering consultancy and detailed engineering organization providing services to the development of Sugar and Co-Generation Projects with plant and equipment Design & Supply. The experience profile of the company covers a complete spectrum of services through projects executed in India and overseas. 

SSA has been promoted by a group of well-qualified engineers who have worked earlier with esteemed organizations related to sugar processing, sugar consultancy and with turnkey sugar equipment manufacturing and plant supplying industries.

This area of specialization of the SSA team has gained considerable popularity in stabilization and optimisation of plant capacities so that expansions and rehabilitations of existing factories are achieved at the minimum cost. This has proven to be of immense benefit to the Sugar Industry and has contributed to the development of project investment which has been implemented in sugar industries and working very effectively and satisfactorily. This has also led to extensive exposure in International Consultancy Services.


Management and Technical Advisory:

Factory Engineering:

Factory Operations and Maintenance:

Project Implementation:

Sugar Industry Studies for Khandsari, Jaggery Powder, Sugar (White, Raw, Refined) + Co-Generation:

Financial Advisory:


Extensive overseas experience in Sudan, Uganda, Ethiopia, Kenya, Mali, Nepal, South Africa, Bangladesh, Indonesia, South America.


Insurance is one of the most significant elements of today’s complex business world. Sufficient insurance coverage is necessary for all aspects to protect the financial assets and resources of the organization. Proper planning of financial risk and its efficient management enables mitigation of losses and helps to attain financial stability, thereby generating more business.

SSA Associates efficiently assess the financial capacities of the clients, ensuring complete protection of their investments from instability factors and providing transparency and reliability of the financial data, through better understanding with both domestic and international banks and financial institutions.

SSA helps organizations improve their performance in different areas, primarily through the analysis of existing business risks and devising well-founded strategies for minimizing them. The insurance advisory services of SSA include:

⦁ Intensive Monitoring of the Creditworthiness of Clients
⦁ Improvement of Corporate Governance
⦁ Effective Deployment of Capital
⦁ Protection of Assets
⦁ Risk Management
⦁ Liability Covers


The Accounting arm at SSA believes in providing timely and quality services to the clients by shifting the compliance load from clients’ shoulders to its own. The procedure for recording financial transactions of a business in an accounting system and creation of reports is normally termed as bookkeeping. Maintaining books of accounts is a statutory obligation for all forms of businesses except for a sole proprietorship.

Accounting, bookkeeping and generating customised MIS reports are such services offered by SSA Associates, whereby people can outsource their either entire accounting functions or segments of it such as payroll, accounts receivables or payables and taxation. SSA caters to businesses located in India as well as abroad.

This service is ideal for the business that is virtual or home-based and wants to maintain a lower overhead cost or for entities seeking professional expertise to manage the accounting and financial functions of its business. Many small businesses are not equipped with complete accounting skill set and require bookkeeping services from external sources. The qualified experts of SSA are seasoned and can handle the tasks of drafting the financial statements, budget analysis, management reporting using advanced accounting software accustomed to clients’ requirements.

Our service portfolio includes:
• Maintaining Statutory Books of Accounts
• Assistance in Preparing Monthly or Quarterly Accounting Reports
• Financial Reporting and Analysis
• Forecasts and Projections of the Financial Statements
• Inventory Management
• Payroll Processing
• Accounting System Implementation
• ERP Implementation
• Setting up of Chart of Accounts
• Accounts Receivable Management
• Accounts Payable Management
• Accounts Reconciliations
• Cash Flow Management including Budgeting and Forecasting
• Consolidation of Financial Statements of Group Businesses


A recovery mechanism commonly known as Corporate Insolvency Resolution Process (CIRP) is an activity that can be carried out by financial creditors, operational creditors or corporates in case they become insolvent due to lack of adequate cash flow in the business. It is hence necessary to conduct a proper evaluation of the entity and identify potential investors promptly so as to resolve the issues of insolvency.

SSA has a well-qualified team of experts having a strong association with a panel of lawyers, chartered accountants and forensic auditors to provide services related to CIRP. Providing strategic financial advice and suggesting a cost-effective business plan to ensure the smooth running of the operations is the main focus of SSA in this domain.

Following support services are extended by different teams of AAAIP for efficient handling of Corporate Insolvency Resolution Processes:

⦁ Claim Verification
⦁ Control and Custody of Corporate Debtor
⦁ Legal Aspects of CIRP
⦁ Legal and Financial Due Diligence
⦁ Resolution Plan Facilitation
⦁ Liquidation Process
⦁ Asset Sale
⦁ Information Technology Support
⦁ Valuation Services